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In the last few weeks I was working on a Node.js side project to explore JavaScript as a back end alternative. But today I've decided to play a bit with C#, before I forget my good old friend.

I really like Express.js and I think it would be great if the .NET ecosystem could have something similar lightweigth web framework. My basic idea was that I will try to implement a small subset of Express' API in C#, following their JavaScript syntax as close as possible. So at least I can create an application and define routes with callback functions.

Here is an example:

var app = new Express ();

app.Get ("/", (req, res) => {
    res.Send ("hello world");

Beyond the above very simple example, finally I was able to implement a few other things as well, like basic support for middlewares, request parameters and JSON serialization. Still very early to say anything, but looks promising. Definitely not for production, but would be useful for prototyping. That's it for today. Hopefully I will find some spare time to hack in this small project in the future.

Express.NET is available here.

editing the Express.NET sample application with Xamarin Studio

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